We have been sorting, sorting and sorting. So much to learn from exploring categories, differences, similarities and connections. Literacy, numeracy and fine motor skills are all a focus for this kind of learning – plus, it’s fun!

Valentine’s Inspired Colour Sort

We found another fun way to use the foam hearts that I found at the dollar store. We glued the three different colours of hearts (pink, white, red) to the outside of the Valentine take-out boxes and Aodhan sorted based on colour.

He used chop-sticks at first, but soon got frustrated with the tedious nature of picking up the rather flat hearts with the sticks. He settled on using his sweet little chubby paws to sort through his hearts.

DIY Tools, Bits and Bobs Sort

Sorting wasn’t done for the day. Aodhan’s dad helped me extend the height of A’s craft/art/learning table by adding some longer legs to the table. Previously it had been on 8 inch legs, with Aodhan sitting on the ground to get busy with crafts or playdough. We now have a 16 inch leg on and Aodhan is using some cute little antique chairs we found in Brussels. This DIY project wasn’t complete without a little impromptu sorting activity.

I just grabbed a bunch of all the different nuts and bolts Kevin was working with and one of our larger muffin tins and voila! Aodhan was happy to help out by sorting through the bits and pieces.

Mitten Sort: Match and Category

We also made use of PreKinders printables for sorting through some mittens. We sorted by ‘match’ and also by category. I was impressed by how much this captivated Aodhan. It also gave me a reason to read The Mitten again. The illustrations in this text are stunning and allow for conversation about how illustration can tell its own story. Love this book.

It’s Tuesday, so I am linking these up to ABC and 123′s Show and Tell Linky. Be sure to visit some of the amazing link-ups – I am constantly blown away by the creativity and activities.

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  1. Great ideas for sorting activities! I love the way you made the activities look so appealing. Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LivingMontessoriNow.

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