I love that some super blogs decided that the blogsphere needed a Blog Hop dedicated to all things weather! Glittering Muffins has a stunning little sensory box idea and Mindful Meanderings has a lovely little paper plate craft to share. So many stunning and playful ideas to get the kids talking, thinking and wondering about weather!

Aodhan and I had to get in on the action. Not only is it a perfect time of year to chat about weather (hello March craziness of -14 yesterday and +13 tomorrow!), but I think it is a nice connection to our Ocean/Pond study. Weather and water habitats are closely connected and impact each other in massive ways.

We made and played with little weather/season Personal Puzzles this morning. I decided to use pictures that spanned Aodhan’s 32 months of life. giving me the perfect excuse to swoon and ahhhhh over his baby photos.

I took a bunch of photos and headed over to ipiccy, which is my current favourite replacement for the doomed Picnik photo-editing program. I added some simple weather related text and printed them out. I pulled out the laminator, cut them up into puzzle pieces and set Aodhan to work.

We talked about how we wear different clothing when the weather is different and how we can play different games in different weather.

I think these little puzzles will also be a great little portable activity for any trips or travels.

Be sure to head over to one of the great bloggers in the Weather Blog Hop to share your own weather-inspired ideas!

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