My mother is like no one else. She is my hero and my guide; stronger and more gentle than any other human I have ever met, my mother is a truly lovely person. I am the mother I am because of how I was raised, because of the sacrifices she made, and because of the love that she gave to me year after year.

That is why I can’t think of a better gift to offer her this Mother’s Day than the beautifully designed journal that arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

Dionna Ford, writer, mama, lawyer, advocate, website co-creator and superhero (aka: Code Name: Mama), has recently published something every one of you must consider giving to your own mamas. Each beautifully designed page, with illustrations by Melanie Mikecz (who creates stunning wall art), invites your mama to share her life, her magic, and her mama-secrets with you – her child.

When I agreed to review this thoughtful journal, for my children: a mother’s journal of memories, wishes and wisdom, I was excited about writing in it myself, filling it with the silly going-ons of being a mama to Aodhan (you know, like under the heading of “What are some of the most memorable scenes you have walked into as a mother?” would be: finding Aodhan making art with a friend at the library and when the other mom asks him what he made, he screams out “poop”). But, to be honest, I want my mom to fill this book. I want to know her answers to:

Everyone has an indulgence – what is yours?
What have you been putting off until “someday” that you wish you hadn’t?
What are some of your most beloved family treasures?

I know that this beautiful book will provide my mom an opportunity to share her amazing life on paper. The format of the book is also very ‘list’ friendly; it takes into consideration that not all mamas are writers, not everyone loves to sit down with a pen and write for hours. I love that this book is something that you could dive into for 20 minutes, and then come back to in a week to add more of your treasured thoughts. The prompts that Dionna offers her reader/writer are playful, thought-provoking, and they invite honesty – I love that.

Although, I did receive a free copy of this journal, I would have purchased it in a heartbeat. I am placing an order for myself – I can’t wait to fill my own copy up with tidbits and tales for Aodhan to giggle over in the years to come. It screams birthday,  mother’s day, christmas or “just because I love you” gift.

me, my mama and newborn aodhan.

Thank you Dionna and Ulysses Press for giving me the opportunity to discover a perfect gift for my darling mom.

I have a guest-post over at mamasmiles today. Be sure to have a visit!


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