So excited to do Chinese New Year activities with Aodhan this weekend. I spent a good chunk of time in the south of China in 2006 and there is no travel experience that shaped me and effected me more than visiting that part of the world.

On Saturday, K and I took Aodhan to Pacific Mall to see if we could find some more authentic Chinese decorations. This mall is exactly like the malls in China, so it was a neat experience for A. We picked up some little red envelopes, a giant dragon and a cool fish. Last night we made some neat Chinese Dragon puppets. They actually worked out really well.

Sadly, I forgot to take photos of the ‘before and during’ part of the process and I can only offer you the ‘after’.

I really recommend this craft, Aodhan was really keen to participate and I can imagine that it is easily adapted to a variety of themes/celebrations.

card stock (1 dragon head, 1 dragon tail, 1 slightly curved ‘middle’ about 20 cm long)
2 popsicle sticks
feathers, buttons, additional paper, any other crafty bits

I cut a middle for the dragon out of red cardstock. It was about 6 cm x 20 cm. I folded it accordion style and then cut out the approximation of a dragon’s head and tail. A glued buttons and feathers to the head and tail and we both worked together to attach the body to each end and then a popsicle stick.

We have been reading some great fiction and non-fiction about Chinese New Year. My two favourites have been:

Long-Long’s New Year by Catherine Gower

Happy New Year! Kung-Hsi Fa-Ts’ai 

We are going to enjoy a super yummy vegan stir-fry for dinner tonight and maybe look at some of the photos that both Kevin and I have from our (separate) trips to China. Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.

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