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LyndsayTheFeministI’m a Feminist. I write about feminism through the lens of parenting. I push myself to consider all intersections, connections and disconnects inside the issues I explore. I am one of those Feminists: white, educated, anglo, urban, well-traveled and heterosexual; I do my best to work against the limits of our society that suggest that these things are the ‘right’ things. I want to unravel and reshape the world around me. I am a gentle-parent and take to heart the writing of bell hooks that reminds us: the oppression of children is a component of the patriarchy. I reject the notion that one can’t be a radical feminist AND an attached-parent. I am raising an ally, I am raising a feminist.

Like me, this blog has evolved and continues to become something that I hope is always interesting and invigorating. I am not a mommyblogger. I offer my voice and welcome yours.

 Please feel free to contact me ourfeministplayschool (at) gmail.com or connect via twitter: @HisFeministMama

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