I am terribly excited to share our Earth Day Story Blocks. They weren’t very hard to make, and used items that I already had on hand (a good thing when I am trying to talk to Aodhan about recycling and not wasting), and the play was pretty endless.

We have a bevy of blocks. I have some bizarre inability to turn away from a pack of blocks sitting in a garage sale. I just HAVE to have them. So, we have many, many, many wooden blocks. I have used some in our modest decor, while most of them are used for your run of the mill building and constructing. Given the ubiquitous nature of blocks in our house, I thought it would be acceptable if a few of them were repurposed.

I enlisted Aodhan from the start and explained what my brain was thinking and he helped me pick all of the images from the interwebs. We scaled them down to be pretty itsy bitsy and then printed them out on paper we were repurposing (see a theme here?). Once I cut out the images we grabbed our Mod Podge and started adding the images to the blocks. Once they were dry there was lots of playing.

We took turns being the different trucks and the different bits of ‘trash’ that were trying to find their way to the right depot. We had a garbage, compost and recycle truck. We also had depots for each truck. We made a block for newspaper, glass,¬†Styrofoam, apple, noodles, soy milk container, broken computer, chocolate (as if any would end up being thrown in the compost!), trash found in a river, and some tin cans. This was so much fun and I love that he was stacking all of the recyclables on the truck and laughing the whole time!

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2 Responses to Earth Day Story Blocks

  1. M says:

    Your ability to teach through play is limitless,very important constructs made fun!!

  2. Terri says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this idea on the Kid’s Co-op! I’m featuring your post as one of my favorites from last week!
    Terri recently posted..Kid’s Co-opMy Profile

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