Cloud Dough is this year’s Chocolate DIY Playdough. Seriously, pinterest loves it, twitter loves it, all the smartie-pants-stay-at-home-mama/papa blogs love it. And, well, damn it! I LOVE IT. My dear progeny has never been one to sustain interest in much of anything, but this!!! Gushy love for squishy flour aside, this is a fantastic sensory experience and is just perfect for kids who are curious about building and creating; tearing down and smashing infrastructure. Plus, it is fun from start to finish (ok, not so much fun at the finish. There really hasn’t been anything messier in this ol’ house – and we court mess!)

Aodhan and I went shopping for flour because we only had whole wheat and gluten-free, and rushed home to get started. He was super interested in pouring the flour and oil and was pleased with the addition of lavendar essential oil. It was a great three hour adventure, and one that I plan to extend tomorrow with some additional materials like sand, (more) glitter and some some cardboard pieces.

I matched TinkerLab’s recipe 100% with 4 cups of flour and 1/2 cups of canola oil. It was super easy.

Huge thanks to TinkerLab for such a well written post and super accurate recipe. Love that site.


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