I am really excited to share this activity, because it is a DIY project that you can make with or without a sewing machine and the results are pretty fantastic.

I had seen a great little fishing game on pinterest that kept popping up, but being vegan, I wasn’t comfortable encouraging him to fish – even for felted fish. So, I decided that instead of fish we would catch stars! How fun.

The only thing that I had to purchase was the dowling, and I picked that up for a song at our local hardware store. The rest of the stuff was on hand, but if you didn’t have it, it’s all pretty easy to pick up. Promise.


3 or 4 pieces of felt
star template
5 washers
2 (or more) magnets
strong contact glue
sewing supplies
optional: precut felt pieces (so easy to make yourself though)

I simply cut 10 stars from a template and attached the numbers 1 – 5 on one side of the star before stiching around the star. You can hand stitch this with a running stitch or a blanket stitch. I actually just ran them through my sewing machine for the sake of speed. The numbers I found at Michael’s ages ago and have used them for other projects and have been pleased with their durability. They stuck onto the stars. I also quickly stitched around them. zip!

Once the stars were assembeled I hand stitched a washer to the tip of each star. These little things are about 5 cents at a hardware store and come in a variety of sizes.

The ‘rods’ were easy: I selected a precut piece of dowling (but it would be mega easy to cut your own desired length at home), and attached a piece of yarn to one end. To the opposite end of the yarn I adhered a small magnet. This has stuck really well with contact glue and I don’t have any fears of it pulling off.

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We usually scatter these around floor (sometimes we use a piece of black felt as our ‘sky’) and Aodhan catches his stars with great hilarity. Sometimes I ask him to catch a particular number, but usually he catches as he likes and announces the number he has caught.

He loves, loves, loves it!!! Go make a set – it’s soooo easy.

Of course some of you might be anxious about your kiddos and magnets, fair enough! If you still have a kidlet who puts every thing in their mouth, I suggest masking tape and paper fish/stars. We did that for the first little bit while I was sewing up the stars and it was just as fun – just not as durable.

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  1. What a fun way to reinforce learning numbers. Thanks for linking up to Monday Madness.

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